Product Review 1: Vertical Smile Skateboards

Welcome to our first ever product review. These reviews will be for the the experienced and inexperienced alike. Whether you are looking to get into skateboarding and are looking for companies to buy from or you are an experienced skateboarder looking to buy something new. In this installment we will be looking at boards from Vertical Smile Skateboards coming from the Bay Area in Northern California.

Vertical Smile Skateboards is one of the best kept secrets of the Bay Area. While this company isn’t one of the biggest companies out there, they are steadily coming out with quality stuff. Now what is one of the biggest bummers when testing out a board? It’s of course snapping the board within the first week of skating. This however will not happen with Vertical Smile. These boards are built to last! I personally put this board through a beating and not even a sign of a pressure crack, but I guess when you use the same wood as brands like Birdhouse, that is something you can expect.

Of course one thing that is very important when selecting your board is the amount of concave on the board. These board are awesome. The concave is not too deep and not too shallow for an extremely comfortable ride. I will give this company a 10/10

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