Heart of The Bay

Located in the center of the Bay Area is Heart of the Bay Skate Shop. One of the coolest shops in the Bay Area, Heart of the Bay is a breath of fresh air. This shop being a little different from the norm as far as shops go, supports up and coming companies as well as gives you the option to buy from top selling skate brands. As well as being and amazing shop with a friendly owner the shop gives you one thing no other shop in the area does. An actual chance to test out your purchase. With the back of the shop being an in-door skate park complete with a mini ramp, multiple rails and boxes, and kickers, you done have to wait to test out your new gear. And here is also one amazing thing about this shop that is far different from any other shop. It is also a punk music venue. For a little while now Heart of the Bay has been the spot where either local or touring punk bands can play. With just a short time being around Heart of the Bay found itself to be one of the busiest all ages venue in the Bay Area aside from places like DNA Lounge and Slim’s. The shop itself while covered in killer graffiti, gives everyone the do-it-yourself(diy) feel, which is where genres like punk and hardcore thrive. With being around for such a short time this spot has made a lasting mark that none will soon forget.

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